Music by Kamran Sadeghi

Sound design by Thomas Wallmann

Brazil, Germany, USA

© 2016 . Mario Pfeifer . KOW

Supported by the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department

Corpo Fechado

4K video installation

Color, Surround Sound, 47''

Research and production assistance by Rodrigo Rodriguez

Animation design by Jonas Dahl

Architectural renderings by Sebastian Lippok

Makumba Cyber is a post-religious manifest written by Xarlô that addresses our contemporaneity through a digitalized, immaterial representation - from the the state of nature to a new state under the white flag of peace. Makumba Cyber originates in the tropical rainforest and departing to the Latin American Memorial in São Paulo through a journey of social and political crisis to which the manifesto invokes a new way of human engagement to save the planets’s prosperity.

The episodes are interconnected through interludes that introduces sites of production of religious objects. Here chain and hand-produced objects are manufactured and distributed globally for believers of all major religions, on the junction of labour, market and faith.

Corpo Fechado is a video installation situated between documentary and fiction, between reality and belief, between social realism and philosophical prediction in the age of media and tradition. 

Each Episode was produced in collaboration with the practitioner – both to represent core ideas of the practice and ideology but also as a critical reflection on the societal condition we live in through the lens of faith. Each Episode ends with the URL under which the practitioner can be reached, grounding a viewer that the seen and heard has a body to consult with, what is been shown on screen is mere a reality than fiction.



Corpo Fechado is a recently produced 4K Video Installation in São Paulo, Brazil focussing on societal conditions in relation to spiritual and religious practices in the megapolis.

Constructed in three episodes and three interludes the video introduces the practices of 

Christavao Chrystal – a healer who treats with extraterrestrial forces that have never incarnated on Earth, curing societal diseases such as depression, anxiety, etc with the goal to help people to develop themselves as better human beings in order to improve a global situation to live together in a more sustainable and caring way. The energy he usesto heal originate from five entities living 195 billion light years away, in a parallel galaxy. The video animation documents the energy travel by using up-to-date scientific and mathematical patterns to illustrate what “science” knows today about the universe and our galaxy.

Tata Katuvengeci, a leader in the afro-religion Candomblé in the tradition of the Congo-Angola Bantu culture who combines socio-political and religious practices in a Terreiro in the outskirts of São Paulo addressing issues of racism, oppression, and institutional neglect. Hepractices an accumulation process to re-install the purest forms of Candomblé which originated from West-African Nations during the slave trade over the Atlantic in the 16th century. 



Exhibitions / Screenings

Pylon Hub, Dresden , 2019

Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt am Main, 2019

11th Mercosul Bienal, Porto Alegre, 2018

Kunsthalle Düsseldorf | Welcome to the Jungle, 2018


Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst | Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig, Germany, 2016